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Retail IT solutions and software

HRS provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, which include: software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support, make a difference to the business efficiency and environment that they operate in.

Integrated solutions for Retail business

Today’s retailers face a new breed of customers-and a new set of IT challenges. With more consumers comparing and buying products and services in stores, online and via mobile devices, they expect retailers to provide fast, consistent and seamless 24/7 service across all channels. And if your organization can’t deliver, another retailer is just a click away.

Sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace could be gained only by a deep understanding of consumer demands and comprehensive supply chain planning and execution workflows.


Oracle Retail is a leading international software developer specialised in versatile store, ecommerce and enterprise solutions. Its functionality rich solutions address the challenges of the retail industry and enable the introduction of new shopping experiences while providing resilience and efficiency.

Oracle Retail understands critical success factors such as: improving product availability and customer service, multi-channel and international capability, stable and reliable technology. Oracle solution’s success is based on the high quality of software, long-term experience and the knowledge.

Retail solution benefits:

  • Personalised cross-channel-experience
  • Transparency, visibility, control
  • Boost revenue and maximise margins
  • Cost reduction
  • Encourage brand loyalty

POS solutions

Retailers around the world use Oracle Hospitality POS systems to drive revenue growth, earn customer loyalty, enhance cross-channel visibility, and control operations in the back office. With a new Oracle point-of-sale solution in place, you will simultaneously please your customers, reduce training time, eliminate manual processes, and provide real time data to corporate systems and other points of service.

XStore POS is the flagship point-of-sale and store management solution. Robust, flexible, and scalable, Xstore utilizes a centralized database to provide extraordinary customer service and cross-channel selling through a standard register or mobile device.

Oracle Commerce

Oracle Commerce – customer experience driving solution. You can plan, develop and manage extensive multi-site sale infrastructure with its catalogs, pricing, promos, web-content, billing, user’s data gathering and clustering, profiling, segmentation and personalization strategy planning.

Oracle Commerce delivers:
  • Personalized interaction with each customer
  • Easy and fast services, with a wide selection of built-in tools
  • Seamless multi-channel integration
  • Multisite support
  • Operational efficiency and easy scalability
  • Highly configurable solution without modifying source codes

Retail CRM

Relate™ from Oracle is a retail-specific, customer relationship management solution that unifies marketing planning and management, whilst providing the tracking tools your marketing team needs to effectively manage your marketing initiatives. 

From initial analysis, through to implementation, execution and evaluation of results, Relate™ lets you build and manage an unlimited number of campaigns and promotional activities from your corporate headquarters to store level.

  • Automatically tracks customer response rates
  • Bases new programmes on known successes from prior initiatives
  • Creates and manages multiple and simultaneous loyalty programmes
  • Utilises gift cards to build revenue and control costs
  • Monitors results during the course of a campaign as well as after its completion
  • Performs trend and migration analysis

Workforce Management

This workforce and productivity solution set offers a wide range of tools that enables you to plan more efficient use of resource and reduce costs, while ensuring the right people are in the right place to serve your customers - thus increasing productivity. 

This modular solution can be easily and quickly customised to meet your specific needs and fully integrates to key retail systems including POS, ERP and CRM. Thereby allowing you, to maintain optimum staff across all your departments and locations. Its advanced capabilities include:

  • Flexible planning based on specific business requirements whether that be store based or enterprise wide
  • Forecasting staff levels using point of sale, customer and product-based drivers
  • Automated schedule generation and deployment
  • Accurate accounting of Time and Attendance information for payroll
  • Comprehensive reporting including continuously alerting on actual performance again set-targets

XBRi Lost Prevention

This is an exception-based reporting and loss prevention solution that lets you quickly and easily identify, track and respond to store events – everything from the highest sale by an associate to a potentially fraudulent return. 

XBR® identifies trends associated with key performance indicators and automatically sends alerts to investigators or other designated personnel. Suspicious transactions can be identified at regional, store, departmental or individual level, regardless of whether the shrinkage is due to intentional fraud or innocent non-compliance.

For more information, please contact HRS team: +7 (495) 796 99 00