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Stadium automation

HRS provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, which include: software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support, make a difference to the business efficiency and environment that they operate in.

Sports property management

Automation of a stadium differs a lot from that of a restaurant or even an entertainment center. Numerous sales outlets and employees to be trained, menu item versatility driven by various types of RVCs – all of it makes it difficult to use regular point-of-sale systems. However, the very importance of a proper catering at mass sports events and concerts, accompanied with fast and accurate customer servicing, goes without saying. 

The solution lies with the products specifically designed for big locations. Simphony being one of them has proven successful at hundreds of stadiums, both in the USA and Europe, as well as in the CIS countries. This system perfectly survives peak demands during football match intervals when all terminals experience full load, whilst this is critically important since any decline in the system performance impacts the speed of service, and hence, the revenue.

The core of the system is its central software and terminals or POS touchscreens in sales outlets. All terminals are highly reliable and durable, easy to install and service, and intentionally designed for use in hotel and restaurant environment. 

Simphony ensures:

  • Failure free operations of all infrastructure equipment despite full load on each terminal during match intervals;
  • Fiscal mode offline operations in the event that server or network infrastructure fails;
  • Fiscal check printouts for clients;
  • Stock sales control;
  • Stock usage control;
  • Reporting and various promotion plans.

Cashless payment system

A significant increase in the quality and speed of customer service, as well as a cut down on the time spent on queuing are attained through an integration of retail system with noncash payment system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Using one single card for making purchases, accessing a stadium, paying parking fees, and other allow to gather and analyze clients’ activities, and demonstrate an individual approach to sports fans.

Warehousing and inventory management

Catering at a stadium necessitates to transfer and track goods and inventories. This is done using Materials Control or HRS Back Office solutions.

Thanks to these solutions you can manage purchasing, inventory and costing in the hospitality industry. They provides information necessary for food and beverage management such as cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals or stocking requirements in real-time. Orders, purchases and deliveries are monitored automatically.

These systems are interfaced with Simphony and closely integrated with accounting systems. User-friendly and simple in use, they do online tracking of inventories by revenue centres, and once predefined minimal stocks are reached, send alert messages to managers.  

Reporting and analytics

Analyzing customer requirements lays the basis for sales optimization through identifying the most often sold items and selling only those in demand. Given the need to attract sports supporters to arenas well in advance before the matches in order to decrease peak loads and increase revenue, there is a practice to dynamically vary sales prices.

Simphony can be configured accordingly to apply specific sales rules. For example, 2 hours before the match sales prices are lowest, 1 hour before the match – sales prices go up, during the intervals they are even higher (reach their maximum), and after the match they drop again to the lowest mark. Simultaneously with the system, prices change on video displays mounted above fast food sales outlets.

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