Increasing Cedar Fair Entertainment’s productivity through HRS support

December 29, 2022

Water park

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world. The Company owns and operates 13 properties, consisting of 11 amusement parks, four separately gated outdoor water parks, and resort accommodations totaling more than 2,300 rooms in the US and Canada.

Cedar Fair, which uses MICROS Simphony as its POS system and OPERA as the PMS, was in search of a partner who could provide quality and knowledgeable staff to help with the needs of both systems.


  • Improved collaboration and reduced duplication of effort
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction



Cedar Fair chose HRS as their highly professional specialists who understand the product thoroughly in all situations and meet any timelines.

"Our help for MICROS Simphony during the rollout allowed them to seamlessly integrate us into the team, allowing them to support their daily park needs better. Today Cedar Fair routinely uses HRS specialists for IT Services on their Simphony solution and OPERA on request.”

Dianne Marcotte, HRS Senior Sales Executive

HRS provides full-time support of up to three people per month for programming the Park Simphony during the operating months and on-site support when parks reopen after winter. This can be as many as 10 people for a long weekend of training and support.

"We are delighted with HRS and the services they provide. They are committed to completing their work promptly and of the highest quality. HRS is happy to partner with us on all our Simphony and OPERA needs, helping to make our work far more productive and ensure our guests are satisfied.”

Jack White, POS Application Support, Cedar Fair Entertainment


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