Eliminate stress with an Automated solution - No more waiting in long queues

Operate at maximum capability with a top-quality and reliable software and hardware

Identify, prioritize, solve and improve security risks companywide

TNG Access Control Systems with RFID. Automated, reliable, and secure.

The integral access control system solution for your business

The TNG Access Control Systems with RFID contactless payment and admission control can be implemented instantly and integrated easily with Oracle Hospitality products. Create powerful business intelligence and get real-time reporting and administrative management.

The flexibility of TNG modules allows you to operate as standalone or integrated software with outstanding performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

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A Contactless Experience

Reduce waiting times, use less staff, and minimize your costs with turnstile admission control, self-service kiosks, and contactless payments.
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Easy and Flexible Access Control System

A standalone module that takes control of every aspect of your ticket sales, whether you use printed tickets (hardcopy) or modern RFID solutions at your water or ski parks, beach clubs, and VIP lounges.
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Fully Customizable Rules

Total control with personalized rules for general admissions, VIP and restricted areas, gold memberships, and any access.
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Activities and Central User Profiles In One Place

Enjoy seamless integrations through our TNG platform and Oracle Hospitality products such as OPERA V5, Cloud Property Management, and MICROS Simphony.
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Real-time data and adjustments

Gain real-time insights into your visitors and easily adjust the settings within your system.
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Cloud-based System

Improve communication and access your tee sheet and customer data anywhere with a cloud-based system.

Enjoy complete control of access automation and offer customers the contactless or cashless experience thanks to RFID technology that is part of the TNG modules.

Plus, you get access to real-time data. Every purchase is updated instantly, allowing you to adjust system settings on the fly.

You can improve your customers' journey with a personalized, automatic, and contactless access system. Reduce costs and save time with self-service kiosks and contactless payments that need fewer on-site employees, which reduce costs even more.


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