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HRS Academy is now ready for China customers

June 21, 2022

HRS Hospitality and Retail Systems has set up the HRS Academy for customers in China, and it is now officially available online. It aims to help our customers deliver exceptional services and maximize operational efficiency. There will be regular webinars presented by HRS IT experts, each packed with new features and tips.

The first webinar, ‘Simphony POS discount and payment methods setup.’ will be held on 22/06/22. Webinars about other localized hospitality solutions offered by HRS China (OPERA PMS, Suite8 PMS, MICROS RES 3700, Materials Control) will soon follow. The aim is to give customers access to an easy, free, and innovative learning environment every month.

“We believe webinars are a great way for customers to improve their product knowledge and enhance their skills. Customers will have access to all of our latest webinar information via the HRS Service Desk support system and have the opportunity to learn from HRS industry experts from around the world,” said Steven Lee, Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region. “Now that HRS Academy has gone online in China, we will use this platform to share our knowledge with our customers.”


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