HRS integrates Suite8 with popular messengers

June 19, 2023


We have developed a new WhatsPMS module, especially for Suite8 which allows you to send instant messages to your guest or communicate with them in chat by pressing a single button on the screen.

The module supports the most popular messengers WhatsApp and Telegram allowing sending confirmation emails, "before check-in" and "after check-out" forms, as well as receiving guest contacts directly from the profile and sending notifications about a negative balance once a day if a guest becomes a debtor.

Denis Taldykin, Product Manager Suite8: "The name of the module includes a combination of the words WhatsApp and PMS, which conveys the idea of integrating the two platforms into a single effective process. We are sure that with this module messaging will become faster, and guests will appreciate the speed of getting important information about their check-in".


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