Thank you to the HRS Taiwan team for successfully changing our property's e-Invoice

October 28, 2022

The accelerated use of e-invoices in the Asia Pacific region and the new regulations that go with them means that companies must streamline and reinvent themselves to meet these demands. For example, any foreign or domestic company with a Taiwan business license has been obliged to invoice electronically since January 2021.

"Over the years, implementing HRS e-Invoice system for our customers has substantially reduced their costs and proactively responded to these new legal requirements and market changes, " stated Wilkins Yeung, HRS Area Sales Director for North Asia. "HRS's e-Invoice system already complies with local laws and regulations of several countries, and we continue to devote resources to projects in countries that have just started implementing e-invoice systems, such as Vietnam and Maldives, " said Anshu Shrivastava, HRS Area Sales Director, Southeast Asia.

HRS client, Hotel Cham Cham Taitung, recently gave our Taiwan team this amazing feedback on September 28, 2022: "Thank you to the HRS Taiwan team for successfully changing our property's e-Invoice to the latest HRS e-Invoice system. Your team provided professional services and in-depth knowledge throughout the project."

Customers are our priority, and honest customer feedback with service transparency is how we continuously improve our products and services.

About Hotel Cham Cham Taitung:

Conveniently located in front of Taitung train station, Hotel Cham Cham Taitung, the 10th Caesar Park Hotel & Resort, is perfectly designed for young leisure travelers to enjoy the stunning mountain landscape and most beautiful coastline in East Taiwan.


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