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September 29, 2022

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Hotels with conference and meeting rooms, sports facilities, and concert halls need specialized modules to manage special events. The OPERA Cloud Sales & Event Management module is next-generation hotel software that streamlines operations, maximizes revenue, and manages room bookings, meetings, and events from a single database, making it easy for different departments to work collaboratively.

Ensure that each event fits into your strategy

Having immediate access to real-time data helps you to make profitable decisions. OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management will allow your hotel to manage all aspects of group and event booking effectively and efficiently. This includes the inventory for every booking, enabling you to evaluate costs and profit margins.

A single source of information for all departments

Just imagine being able to check the availability of your inventory and manage inquiries and bookings during a meeting with an important customer. Oracle Cloud Sales & Event Management, which is compliant across more than 200 countries, enables hotel event and catering managers to conduct their business from anywhere on their mobile devices.
This module can also provide updates to your client and your staff in real-time. Your conference operations team can update any changes needed during an event; this includes booking additional services and posting charges to an account, all at the push of a button from their mobile device.

Your contingency plan

With OPERA Cloud Sales & Catering, you can check the plans that you have in place for outdoor events. Adding, updating, or creating menus and items that complete the room requirements is simple. Catering packages allow the efficient management of conference and meeting packages that can be priced per person or one price for all. Event templates for repeatable booking scenarios make this task simple.

Detailed analytics

OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management module has a wide variety of reports available for collecting and analyzing customer statistics. 
For example, the Banquet Event Order report shows which company has booked the event and what type of event it is. This illustrates the complete booking picture, the number of rooms, how many guests, and the equipment needed in each room or hall, together with a total cost breakdown for renting the rooms and equipment. It also lists what was ordered by each client or room, whether a coffee break or a banquet event, with a schedule of dates and timetables. A separate diary window shows which rooms are booked and for how long; this prevents overbooking and creates a comfortable environment for clients to hold their events.

How it works

We customize OPERA Cloud Sales & Catering to meet our customer’s needs. All the halls and areas that can be rented are entered into the PMS, together with the banquet menu, audio tracks, video equipment, furniture, and everything that goes towards holding a successful event. 
It is the hotel staff who are responsible for booking and managing each event and making all the system configuration changes.
When the system is first configured, we hold part two of the training program for those sales and banqueting staff who book events and communicate with customers. The HRS team also stays at the hotel for a few days as on-site support, answering staff questions and helping them to become familiar with the system.

Vladimir Kordei Senior

Area director Adriatic & Balkans


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