QR Code Menu Solutions for Restaurants

An online QR code menu does not only reduce touchpoints, it also improves your customers’ experience and staff well-being.

Easy QR Code Menu solutions

We offer complete solutions to create contactless menus that are accessible via QR codes. A QR code menu offers benefits for your restaurant, staff, and guests:

  • Easily accessible QR code menu for restaurant visitors and managers
  • Real-time adjustments for offers and pricing without replacing the codes
  • Reduce the distances covered by your staff

  • Create a contactless restaurant experience
  • Seamless integration with Oracle Hospitality products
  • 24/7 support in over 75 countries

For a better contactless Customer Journey

Customers have become very comfortable with new technology, so making an order or paying via a mobile phone is now a common thing for them to do. So why should this not apply to your bar or restaurant menu by adding QR codes?

Imagine your customers cannot wait for a waiter or leave the beach to go to the bar.  Instead, they could take out their phone, scan a QR code and place their order via the online QR code menu and pay directly online.  Your staff then only need to fulfill the order, by either taking it to the table or a pick-up place. A digital order via the QR code menu is easy to execute and reduces unnecessary touchpoints.

An easily generated QR code menu

An easy scan process for the customer is matched with an easy creation of a digital QR code menu by your restaurant. The design generator allows the quick and uncomplicated generation of mobile friendly menus for your marketing purposes. Pricing can be adjusted in real-time without the need to download a pdf file or the re-printing of the codes or menus. This on-the-fly approach allows you to experiment with monthly, daily, and even hourly adjustments.

A few clicks are enough to download and print the QR code and place it on your marketing materials and printed menus. Once the code scan has been performed by the user, the QR code menu can be accessed, orders placed and paid for directly online. Your staff only need to fulfill the service.

Your team will thank you for it. Think about the process: The waiter brings the menu, takes an order, delivers it, and then comes back with the bill. A QR code menu dramatically reduces this process. By using digital QR codes for your online menus the waiter only needs to deliver the order, thereby significantly reducing the distances walked by the restaurant staff.

Reliable Service for Restaurants

There are of course many digital technologies behind this process.  With an online interface we integrate the QR code menu with Oracle Hospitality Simphony – making it suitable for restaurants of any size.  All other business operations, such as billing and reporting run as usual; there is no need to change existing systems.

As reliable as our systems are, so is our service, you can contact us 24/7/365 days a year.  Our service team will be happy to support you in keeping your restaurant running. Simply contact us for an offer with transparent pricing.

If you have any questions about menus, codes or systems for restaurants, simply contact our team! We can help you to improve your contactless customer experience.


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