State-of-the-art operating efficiency

OPERA Cloud Property Management System

Surpassing the benefits of an on-premise solution, OPERA Cloud offers improved efficiency, faster operations with real-time data, plus easier exchange via a global platform.

OPERA Cloud is optimized for mobile devices

OPERA Cloud: An overall improved PMS

With 80% of the world’s top hotel groups relying on Oracle Hospitality software solutions, it comes as no surprise to learn that we are talking about a proven and reliable solution which has been supporting the hospitality industry for decades. Fast and reliable transmission, secure data storage, together with wide integration with hundreds of key partner interfaces meets the needs of hotels of all types and size.

The Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud is designed to simplify the IT infrastructure on your properties. reduce the investment in hardware and save time that can be better used on daily operations in all the related departments. Overall, the cloud solution is more efficient, allowing you and your team to concentrate on guest experiences.


Reservations with advanced payments

The Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) allows you to receive room rate payments in advance, this reduces the requirement for contact at the front desk which minimizes the risk of chargebacks. You can also create custom rules and schedules for deposits.

Contact reduction with OPERA Cloud

The cloud-based PMS offers plenty of options to reduce physical contact. With the Key Packets Option, room keys can be created virtually for cards, bracelets, and even mobile applications. IDs can be scanned with a smartphone and still meet local regulations, whilst checking-out can be performed via a kiosk, smartphone, or the in-room devices. Establishing trust whilst improving the guest experience has never been easier.

State-of-the-art communication with API

In addition to providing communication options via classic channels like SMS and email, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud gives you the opportunity to include external services via the API. This includes chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, which allows guests to communicate directly with staff over the phone, or to order extras using a chatbot.

Pre-stay and post-stay awareness

A confirmation email on its own is not enough to improve guest satisfaction. From the Reservation Workspace, you can improve your guest’s awareness about procedures and local regulations before they check-in. Communication does not stop here; you can improve the guest experience by sending out thank you notes and surveys.

Dining and Room Self Service

Another significant source of revenue for hotels and resorts are the restaurants and bars. OPERA Cloud integrates seamlessly with Simphony, providing a complete POS solution for food and beverage operations. If a restaurant service is not feasible for your property, then you can offer other solutions such as in-room dining or a self-service via a kiosk.

Additional licenses and modules

No other PMS offers the wide range of modules and modifications that are available with OPERA Cloud. Many first and third-party services are available that can be integrated without any issue. For example, if your hotel specializes in events and conferencing, OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management by Oracle is the right solution for you. Should you need a booking system for direct reservations, then we have the perfect solution readily available.

Security & safety with OPERA Cloud

The cloud-based PMS conforms with all privacy and security standards. OPI supports secure payment methods with industry compliance without the delays in transaction times. Furthermore, pre-authorizations, incremental authorizations, refunds, advanced deposits, sales transactions, automated deposit rules, and automated pre-authorization rules are all supported.

Why HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems?

We understand that choosing a property management system is difficult, however, it can be made easier with the right partner. HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems has been installing and maintaining hospitality systems for over 30 years. In 90 countries we offer complete out of the box solutions with 24/7 and 365 day support in your local language. Simply contact our local team if you have any questions.

OPERA Cloud benefits

Improved guest experiences with OPERA Cloud

With OPERA installed you can run entire hotels and resorts.  The property management system is one of the most complete and reliable platforms built specifically for the hospitality industry. This platform manages your complete property from A to Z and the cloud-based PMS goes the extra mile by activating more options for personalized guest experiences. This is not just a benefit to individual guests, but also to groups of any size, improving their overall customer journey.

Maximize revenues with rates & reservations

OPERA Cloud is not just a property management system that manages your rooms and occupancy, it is equipped with integrated functions for rate optimization, cross and up-selling to maximize revenues. and the booking process as well. Reservations can be made for individuals, groups, companies, plus travel agencies able to receive complete access.  As a cloud PMS, the whole process is much easier than it was before.

Increase margins with channel management

Another important tool that can maximize your revenue is channel management. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud enables various options to help distribute your products and services through traditional and online travel agency channels.  Direct bookings via the website or phone are also possible and with the mobile-enabled cloud, it is easier than ever before. Pricing, rates, room inventory, and capacity can all be edited for the distribution channels individually, or for a whole hotel group through one user interface.

Fully extendable and customizable

As a cloud-based platform for hotels and resorts, OPERA Cloud is extendable on many levels. Firstly, it can be customized at the chain and property level, supporting the needs of the whole hotel group with guest profiles, notes, preferences, and rate entitlements able to be adjusted for every property and shared throughout the whole hotel chain. Secondly, modules and third-party systems can be fully integrated into cloud technologies, allowing business and artificial intelligence to handle even more hotel operations. This new efficiency will have the benefit of pushing guest experiences to a new level.

Managing all daily process

You should not have to waste your time on regular tasks such as housekeeping, maintenance, and room supervision. The less time you spend on planning the more time you have to improve your performance and to focus on the guest experience. With OPERA used worldwide, a vast number of employees are already familiar with its user interface. Having staff that already know how to operate the system means that lots of time can be saved on training and improving your overall operating efficiency. Even more features have already been integrated into the OPERA Cloud: Food & beverage operations are now greatly simplified and thanks to over 100 standard reports you will always have your historical data and forecasts ready to hand.

Easier UI and better mobile features

OPERA Cloud Property Management is not just a versatile PMS. Because of its cloud technologies, the system is independent of a browser, device, or operating system. The cloud PMS can run on desktop and mobile devices each with different connectivity options; 3G and public networks – even without a VPN – are sufficient to make it work.  The user interface has been updated with a modern design and a cleaner layout which runs seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing them to be used to help reduce check-in and check-out times via contactless methods.


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