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This is the premier enterprise enabled point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps businesses to flourish by providing proven tools for success

Simphony may be implemented at a single property. Its true potential is found through its ability to scale-up to a business that has thousands of workstations spread over many properties.

  • Increase speed of service and improve turn times
  • Increases business efficiency and guest satisfaction
  • Ensures the system meets your business needs from 1 to 25,000+ workstations
  • Host in the Cloud – to control on-site infrastructure cost and server maintenance requirements
  • Real-time Enterprise Reporting
  • Develop Guest Loyalty – with MICROS iCare support
  • Advanced Security – allows access control, data, and employee auditing

The HRS portfolio of products includes more than 50 integrated, end-to-end solutions for hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, including integrated front office, back office, central and web-based solutions, are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, improve customer service, and increase the bottom line. We offer several deployment options, ranging from onsite installations to fully-hosted solutions.

Fast casual with Simphony

Simphony was designed to serve and enhance the food & beverage industry. It has a multitude of functions created specifically for fast casual environments, including tools to improve: order accuracy, speed of food delivery, loyalty tracking, and much more. 
With its superior real-time reporting functions and enterprise based configurations, Simphony Point-of-Sale is the preferred software platform for fast casual environments.

Simphony key features:

  • Enhanced Retail Functionality
  • E-business Solutions Integration
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Paperless Kitchen Solutions
  • Kiosk
  • Enterprise Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Hand Held Support
  • Gift Card Support
  • Credit Card Support
  • Oracle Engagement Feature

Simphony has been developed as a next generation Point-of-Sale system that grows with your business, increasing guest satisfaction and your operational efficiency. Simphony puts you on the path to success.

Simphony is exceptionally flexible and scalable

Bring immediate service to your guests with Oracle mobile devices for Simphony. Process credit and loyalty card payments anywhere at a moment’s notice. Increase speed of service and security - the credit card never leaves the guest’s sight! 

Spend more time focusing on your guests. Let Oracle manage your technology for you by hosting in the cloud and improve your on-site infrastructure cost and server maintenance. Gain new or improved Simphony™ functionality with simplified upgrades, and reap the full benefits of your Oracle software purchase by completing patches and fixes quickly. 

Increase your sales and control your labor and food costs with real-time web-based and interactive reporting capabilities. With a complete set of mobile reporting, auditing, and analysis tools designed to excel your business, Simphony can retrieve financial data at any level of your enterprise onsite or off. It can also drill down into very specific data without the need to run multiple reports.

Improve communication between kitchen, management, and staff, with Simphony KDS (Kitchen Display System). Increase kitchen efficiency and improve operations through a cost saving paperless kitchen environment. View real-time operations with status, timers, and drill down capabilities for easy access to order-specific information. 

Centrally manage your entire system from anywhere. Simphony can be deployed from a single site to thousands – across brands, time zones, and even continents. Our back of house software allows management from a single application.

Keep guests loyal and increase their visit frequency. iCare supports gift cards and loyalty programs allowing your guests to take advantage of your services as well as track their purchase history and redemption points. We have third-party integration capabilities to fit all of your needs.