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SnapShot Analytics

Everything you need to see, nothing you don’t.

SnapShot Analytics is a cloud-based hotel analytical tool that gives a comprehensive overview of a specific hotels data on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard. 

  • View key perfomance metrics, benchmarking, market rate data, website perfomance, TripAdvisor metrics, social media stats and more
  • Customize your dashboard
  • Share anything with your team
  • Create custom property sets and see across your portfolio of hotels in real time

The HRS portfolio of products includes more than 50 integrated, end-to-end solutions for hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, including integrated front office, back office, central and web-based solutions, are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, improve customer service, and increase the bottom line. We offer several deployment options, ranging from onsite installations to fully-hosted solutions.

Start your trial of SnapShot Analytics PRO Edition

and test this powerful data dashboard, plus 5 additional PRO features, for free for 30 days.

  • Data Dashboard - a fast and clear overview of your hotel's performance
  • On-Demand Reporting – access your data for deeper analysis, build your own reports, compare multiple hotels
  • OTA Commission Tracker – track and forecast commission payments to your most important agency accounts
  • Forecast & Budget uploader – compare your performance to forecast and/or budget numbers
  • Alert Me – set your own alerts for when your Occupancy, ADR, revenue, RevPaR and Pickup changes or reaches a certain threshold
  • Pick-up PRO – look at customized date ranges, break it down by market/channel segment, look at ADR by market segment

During your trial you can switch to the free data dashboard at any time.

Want to keep it? Perfect. Analytics PRO Edition comes at price of 99 EUR per hotel/month after your trial period.

If PRO is more than you need, simply pick your favourite applications at a cost of only 29 EUR per hotel/month.

For existing dashboard users, visit SnapShot’s app store to start free 30-day trial of PRO Edition.

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Glanceable. Actionable. Effortless.

Finally. A simpler solution. SnapShot Analytics offers a comprehensive overview of your hotel, presented on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard.

Simpler. Faster

No more confusing stat's, passwords you can’t remember, or attachments you can’t open. View key performance metrics, benchmarking, market rate data, website performance, TripAdvisor metrics, social media stats, and more. All in one place.


SnapShot Analytics is fully customizeable. Organize your dashboard exactly how you want to see it.


SnapShot Analytics may be easy to use, but don’t let its pretty appearance fool you. Take a closer look at your data with instant access to any metric you could want.

Collaboration friendly

Find relevant info and instantly share it with your staff in just one click. No more forwarding documents or searching across browser tabs.



Get data from multiple properties, sort by region, brands, and more. In-detail or big picture, get the insights you need across all your hotels.

Everything you need to see - all in one place. All your stat's, reports and data are now on the dashboard. It's the new standard for Hotel connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?

Yes. The security of your data is paramount, not only to your business but also to ours, so we encrypt all data transfers in and out of the platform, as well as data shared with users during “user sessions”. This approach meets with strict German data security legislation.

Hosting data storage

Optimized for Microsoft Azure cloud, the application runs separately from data storage processes. Data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit within the cloud infrastructure, meeting stringent requirements for European data security within a cloud environment.

What size hotels can use SnapShot Analytics?

Hotel size is not an issue. Whether you have five rooms or five-hundred, SnapShot is scalable to suit whatever size operation that you have.

Do you sell or use hotel data for third parties?

No. Your data belongs to your hotel. We will not share your data with anyone unless specifically requested by your hotel. SnapShot follows strict organizational and access controls, following international security standards to tightly control, monitor, and log access to customer data.

Who can use SnapShot Analytics?

Hoteliers, General Managers, Revenue Managers, Sales Managers, and Social Media Managers love SnapShot Analytics for its ease of use and powerful analytic tools. Just about anyone in or working with a hotel organization can use SnapShot Analytics.

How our API works

PMS-SnapShot integration processes allow PMS’s to automatically and continuously upload room reservations, blocks, and financial transaction data into SnapShot Analytics.