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XBR Loss Prevention

XBR® Loss Prevention solution is the world’s most widely used loss prevention and data analysis tool.

It goes into action quickly, using exception based reporting methods to easily identify, track, and respond to unusual point-of-sale activity - everything from voids and employee meals to closed checks that were reopened. 

  • Immediate reduction in shrink
  • Quick identification of fraud incidents
  • Trending functions reveal repeat offenders
  • LP reporting that specifically targets high risk transactional activity
  • Limitless analytical capabilities
  • Outstanding industry reputation
  • Rapid return on investment

The HRS portfolio of products includes more than 50 integrated, end-to-end solutions for hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, including integrated front office, back office, central and web-based solutions, are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, improve customer service, and increase the bottom line. We offer several deployment options, ranging from onsite installations to fully-hosted solutions.

Why retailers choose XBR Loss Prevention:

Outstanding industry reputation

Address issues immediately via alerts on incidents and events at all levels of activity

LP reporting that specifically targets high risk transactional activity

Rapid return on investment

Analyze data by location, revenue center, employee, and transaction levels

Focus on exceptions through trends and patterns associated with the key metrics relative to your business

Cut your losses by reducing retail fraud and noncompliance

Exception based loss prevention strategies are a staple among retailers for detection and prevention of employee fraud, customer incidents, and overall asset protection.

XBR identifies trends associated with key performance indicators and automatically sends alerts to investigators or other designated personnel. They can quickly drill down by store, cashier, register, and transaction level to uncover more information. Cases can be investigated in hours or days, instead of weeks or months, dramatically reducing overall losses and leading to faster restitution, regardless of whether the shrink is due to intentional fraud, poor training, or procedural issues.

Easily execute operational performance and productivity queries

On-demand queries can help identify top associates, measure contests, and track key selling metrics.

  • Monitor key compliance transactions such as post voids, refunds, credit/debit cards, gift cards, discounts, price overrides, no sales and more
  • Perform scorecard comparisons and transaction analysis
  • Analyze productivity by store or associate

Proven return on investment

Most retailers see 100% ROI in less than a year – some in just three months. Furthermore, your shrink reduction is ongoing as XBR becomes embedded into your daily processes and workflow.

Choice of hosting models

XBR can be licensed and hosted in your facility, or a subscription-based SaaS model can be used to reduce the up-front costs. You can’t afford to continue to lose profit to fraud and carelessness.

Best in class solution

XBR’s rich functionality results from years of ongoing development, incorporation of proven best practices, and knowledge gained from supporting a diverse base of retail customers. XBR can be readily used by novices for simply viewing alerts as well as advanced users building complex query sets for detailed analysis.

Increase LP productivity

XBR enables your LP staff to manage more cases and focuses them on the most important incidents. The solution also helps manage the LP team itself with Query Tracking and performance measures.