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Restaurant automation

HRS provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, which include: software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support, make a difference to the business efficiency and environment that they operate in.

Where to start?

Opening a restaurant is a challenging and complex process when the owner has to find solutions to a number of problems. A key one is the selection and set up of a comprehensive and efficient management system, and the putting into place all of the processes associated with servicing clients. These include:

  • Fast POS terminals
  • Accurate processing of kitchen orders
  • Transparent stock turnover
  • Timely purchasing and usage
  • Staff control, etc.

Oracle POS solutions

Oracle Hospitality systems are designed to control the activities of all types of restaurants, no matter what level, size or concept that they are.

MICROS 3700 is Oracle’s flagship product for integrated solutions, it is a popular and highly regarded system around the world.

Tailored to meet the needs of restaurants, MICROS 3700 assumes overall control and management of the analytics and reporting. As a result your level of service to your guests improves, as does their satisfaction. 

With MICROS 3700, you have the ability to:

  • Use mobile terminals in your daily operations
  • Work offline if server goes down
  • Use a single terminal for different revenue centres
  • Connect third party’s equipment
  • Enjoy unlimited options when handling menu items
  • Control discounts and surcharges to your liking
  • Connect fiscal registers
  • Create unlimited combinations of privileges for each employee
  • Manage, split and merge orders, transfer an order already closed from one RVC to another
  • Run and upload various financial and statistics reports, also, an employee quality report.

Thanks to a number of integrated modules, MICROS 3700 POS solution manage all your restaurant or bar activities:

HRS Back Office By using this integrated system for stock control and calculations you get an integral solution for automating all aspects related to stock turnover: material values accounting, calculation of menu items and usage of foodstuffs; receipt and release of goods, storeroom packing, printing of inventory and reconciliation stock sheets, inventory checks; data logging for cooked menu items; printing of technological cards and sales reports for ready-made menu items, printing of top quality articles reports; basic accountability: turnover balance sheets, sales statements, commodity reports, account cards, subcount.
Inventory Management Online store management module. There is no need to have a dedicated PC to operate this module – all operations can be done directly from workstation. For example, barmen can enter beverage inventories, at the end of their shifts, directly into the system, and the new figures will immediately be shown in the report.
Reporting & Analytics This module enhances business analytics, providing 24/7 online access to powerful reporting and statistics about your restaurant's operational activities. This can be done from any PC or mobile regardless of your location.
Labor Management Human resources management system providing a solution to a wide range of issues associated with the management of personnel. Employee Time & Attendance and work scheduling is based upon qualification skills, season, rush hours, etc. The end resut is accurate workload scheduling and the generation of all reports required to meet current local legislation.
TNG This is the best solution for managing customer loyalty. TNG helps you to enhance your level of personal service and offer an individual approach to each of your guests. This system collects and stores the data on your clients’ preferences, tracking their visit statistics and payments. With TNG, you will always know who are your frequent clients, when they will arrive and what their favourite meals are.

No matter what are the size and occupancy of your restaurant

Oracle Point-of-Sale systems are easy to configure to meet your requirements and budgets. With them, you’ll make the most of your human resources potential and improve your business efficiency and competitiveness.

Give us a call right now to learn more about your options for automating your restaurant.