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Restaurant chains automation

HRS provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, which include: software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support, make a difference to the business efficiency and environment that they operate in.

Restaurant chains

Managing a restaurant chain is completely different to managing just one or two restaurants. Besides the traditional functional requirements there is the need to consolidate all of the data reporting, the statistics and the turnover details. The cost control of all of the areas of operation is essential. An increase in costs of just 1% across a chain could result in the loss of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of rubles on a monthly basis.

Selecting the proper solution for managing your restaurant’s daily operations can save you more than 1% of your prime costs, and help to increase your profit margin. It also gives you a tool with which to control all of your major business processes, whether you run a single restaurant or a chain.

An ideal solution for restaurant chains is Simphony, it has been designed for large-scale businesses and global chain management.

Advantages of Simphony:

  • Processing any volume of information without compromising system performance
  • Relocation of major system functions from server to workstations
  • User-friendly selection and setup of various concepts
  • Multi-currency support
  • Summary reporting by indices
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Intuitive kitchen monitors
  • Reporting & Analytics built-in business analytics module

Simphony can be added with HRS Back Office – a system for stock control and calculations

With this integration, you obtain a single chain-wide system for tracking material flow and the turnover of goods. All internal documentation, delivery notes, statements, and inventory lists are pre-defined and generated within a single database. All procurements and usages are accessible at the level of a single restaurant or the entire chain. This significantly streamlines the entire process of stock control.

Generate your customer loyalty!

High quality customer service in a restaurant chain cannot do without a powerful customer loyalty system. In the daily struggle to win a customer’s loyalty, victory goes to those who can skillfully apply their knowledge. You must have the ability to maintain a customer‘s interest in your brands, improve their satisfaction and engage them in your process of chain development.  

The TNG loyalty system has proved to be an effective assistant in both the winning of the hearts and minds of your clients, and with improving your revenue. It provides central access to guest details, ensures chain-wide data control and share, tracks customer preferences, bookings and payments, and rewards your guests for their loyalty.

Choose wisely!

Choosing a restaurant chain management system is an important, and necessarily lengthy, process which require the study of all the details and features of the various systems that are available.

Give us a call right now and learn more about all potential solutions for automating your restaurants.