Built by Hoteliers FOR Hoteliers

SmartHOTEL’s Channel Manager is built by hoteliers for hoteliers to help provide your guests with the best experience possible. Spend less time updating each of your channels, and spend more time with your guests!

Key Benefits

SmartHOTEL specializes in Oracle Hospitality software integrations and is Oracle’s #1 Channel Management provider.

Sit back, relax, and let SmartHOTEL’s Channel Manager do the heavy lifting when it comes to data distribution to all major OTA’s (online travel agent) including but not limited to:, Expedia, Hotelbeds, GTA Travel, and Orbitz.

The Channel Manager provides you with a single direct interface for a fast and secure way to see real-time updates regarding prices, availability, reservations and inventory between your distribution channels and PMS (property management system).

Watch as your OPERA ORS (central reservation system) flawlessly connects to any 3rd party software vendor, including 3rd Party PMS systems, giving your chain the opportunity to expand company-wide without additional costs.

The direct, two-way connectivity between Oracle Hospitality PMS and SmartHOTEL’s Channel Manager allows for a more efficient distribution process that replaces other interfaces. In doing so this gives hotels, of any size, the opportunity to experience the value and benefits of an isolated distribution platform.

SmartHOTEL’s Channel Manager solution tools are perfect for hotels that are deflagging, reflagging as well as those who just want to reach new types of guests.

Using SmartHOTEL can serve as a solution to better sale optimization through room plans. Sell multiple rooms as a single hotel room online.

Why Should You Choose SmartHOTEL?

When purchasing the Oracle Hospitality 3rd party interface license for SmartCONNECT and centralizing your distribution, your system will be much more efficient.

By using and configuring a single OXI (OPERA Exchange Interface) for multiple channel connections, hotels and chains get full control over their systems.

SmartHOTEL makes operational processes easy and automated by adding new connections, interfaces, business rules, and functionalities when requested by their customers.

Each connection is tailored to your specific company.

With the direct connection comes fast and efficient real-time data updates between your PMS and SmartCONNECT product.

Regardless of where the data comes from, all data exchanges are made directly.

Revenue Managers have the ability to change from a static to dynamic pricing strategy through full access to the OXI configuration. By doing so, they can anticipate and act quickly to changes in the everchanging market.


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