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TNG for Hospitality Loyalty

This main module offers an advanced customer relationship management for hotels, spas, and restaurants alike.

TNG is a suite of software products developed in-house by HRS. Its core modules contain:

  • A wellness & spa management software,
  • A guest activity and access software and
  • A hospitality loyalty software.


Hospitality loyalty with TNG

The loyalty module manages all functions relating to advanced customer relationship management. It is designed to improve retainment of existing customers and run marketing campaigns to acquire new ones. This allows for revenue collection and guest benefits to be accurately calculated for each customer.

Using automatic discounts, coupons, bonus points for rewards, etc., the software not only minimizes the churn rate, but it also increases the return rate, helping you to create loyal guests. Of course, statistics and guest preferences are used to target marketing campaigns.

Not only is this a perfect fit for hotel operations, but TNG also provides everything you need to create better restaurant loyalty – making it the perfect fit to cover all your hospitality loyalty operations.

TNG is a fully integrated software suite that has modules to meet the needs of every kind of property. This main module manages rewards and any other marketing program you want to use.

Key benefits

Made for hospitality

No matter if you operate a resort, recreational hotel, spa, restaurant or another wellness and hospitality business: This TNG module will open new opportunities for customer relationship management.

Loyalty programs

From simple coupon promotions to complex point-based reward programs that take membership tiers into account: This software helps to decrease the churn rate and maximize revenue of existing customers.


Keep in touch with your guests, without bothering them on the phone, even if they have not visited your property recently. TNG supports SMS and email services to send out reminders and information about new promotions. Another added benefit is that the web API makes it possible for the user to schedule or reschedule an appointment or check their bonus points directly online.


To understand how your business is doing and figure out when the best time for a promotion is, you can check the business report and compare it to the last week, month or year. In addition, you can also evaluate the success of your campaign and even cluster a subscription report by membership type.

Extended integrations

TNG integrates seamlessly with all Oracle Hospitality products, this includes an advanced HTNG interface to the OPERA PMS, Opera Cloud, and Suite8 plus a 2-way interface with Simphony, RES 3700, and MICROS 9700.

More possibilities

Together with the other two main modules, TNG has the possibility to create in-depth profiles of your guests with extended information, including: reoccurring bookings, rentals, and access control. Furthermore, profiles can not only be assigned to groups for classes, but also to predetermined membership tiers to restrict the entry into specific areas and segment loyalty and reward programs.


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