Industry-leading revenue management

IDeaS offers industry-leading revenue management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industry.


IDeaS solutions range from stand-alone pricing, forecasting and data visualization systems to fully-loaded revenue management solutions, all highly configurable to meet your company’s needs.

Key Benefits

  • Industry-leading revenue management. Sophisticated yet simple to use software goes beyond rules-based imitators to take full advantage of the advanced data analytics and automated decision-making. IDeaS employs unique multiproduct optimization to accurately forecast demand, accept the most valuable business mix and maximise transient and group business.
  • Intelligent Pricing with immediate results. IDeaS makes it quick and easy to utilize world-class pricing optimization, providing busy hotels with fast access to the industry’s most advanced revenue management analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Precision Forecasting. Proactive strategies. Use industry-leading demand uncertainty and pattern recognition technology to positively impact your market share. Affordable and user-friendly solutions provide an unprecedented insight into anticipatory data enabling greatly improved accuracy for your revenue team and across the entire company.
  • The Power to Know with SAS Analytics. Enhance your ability to analyze, report and act on your performance data.  Custom reports and dashboards are automatically updated to provide guided analysis and support as the basis for a data-driven strategy across all levels of your business.


IDeaS Revenue Management System

The IDeaS Revenue Management System provides reliable and up-to-date information at your fingertips.  This empowers revenue managers worldwide to book the right guest at the right time at the right rate. By using a time-saving approach, the system automatically applies your revenue strategy while the intuitive user interface immediately alerts operators of any system-critical tasks.

IDeaS Pricing System

The IDeaS Pricing System enables busy hotel managers to set the best available rates, push them to distribution channels and produce dependable forecasts and reports.

IDeaS SmartSpace

A dynamic cloud-based strategy application for Meetings & Events venues provides a simple yet detailed analysis of your trends and performance.  By using data from diary management systems, this visual cloud-based set of tools provides the user with various Demand Analytics, Performance Measurement, and Selling Strategy models that enhance strategic decisions and increase revenue growth.

IDeaS Forecasting Management System

The IDeaS Forecasting Management System is an ideal solution for hotels that want to benefit from demand-driven forecasting insight and reporting without adopting a fully automated revenue management system (RMS).

IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights

IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights elevate your ability to analyze revenue performance data, and act upon it, thanks to customizable reports and dashboards.


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