The Russian Standard Bank's Faster Payment System (FPS) now allows the acceptance of payments via Oracle Hospitality Suite8

November 22, 2021

Together with HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems, the Russian Standard Bank now offers a special interface that accepts QR code payments via the Faster Payment System (FPS), the cash register software found in the Oracle Hospitality Suite8 hotel management system. This new service enables any hotel to accept such payments easily and quickly.

The technology required to accept contactless payments via FPS at the hotel checkout is very simple. All the guest needs to do is scan the QR code and confirm the payment in his mobile bank*. After that, the transaction details will be sent to Suite8 PMS.

The FPS service continues to conquer the market with many companies now using this method of accepting payments. The obvious advantage is of course the cost; commission on transactions via FPS is much lower than it is with bank cards. Money is credited into a company's account almost immediately after the guest has confirmed the payment. This allows companies to reduce cash gaps that occur when paying with a bank card, a process that can take several days to complete.

It is easy to accept payments via FPS in hotels that use the Suite8 hotel management system. HRS specialists can install the payment system interface, and the Russian Standard Bank will provide the functionality. This service is entirely independent of which bank is providing card acceptance at the hotel.

* The payer's bank must be a member of FPS and support payment with QR codes in mobile banking.


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