HRS prepares OPERA Cloud version for launch on the Russian and CIS markets

December 13, 2021

HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems are preparing to launch Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud solution into the Russian market and will be available for hoteliers in Russia next year. The system is already available for installation in Georgia, Ukraine, Mongolia, and Armenia, with Moldova and Lithuania coming soon.
Because of cloud technology, the solution does not depend on the browser, device type, or operating system. OPERA Cloud can run on both desktop and mobile devices with various connectivity options, and 3G is sufficient. The user interface has been updated to a modern design with a unique layout that works easily on both stationary and mobile devices, reducing check-in and check-out times through contactless methods.
Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud is designed to simplify the IT infrastructure in hospitality facilities. Hardware costs are reduced, and the time saved is better used for day-to-day operations, allowing you and your team to focus on guest services. No other PMS offers such a wide range of modules and modifications as those that are available in OPERA Cloud: booking using different payment methods, creating mobile keys, scanning passports with smartphones, connecting chatbots, full integration with POS, channel management, integration with the TNG guest activity management platform, and much more.
Vladimir Efimov, HRS Managing Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia:
“Our company always ensures that the latest innovations in the hospitality industry IT sector are available to the market. Cloud solutions today are in high demand and a promising direction for the hospitality industry, therefore, we are very pleased to bring OPERA Cloud to Russia. It is a that meets all current requirements and expectations of hoteliers, and also noticeably expands opportunities for the management of your hotel.”
Marina Dergacheva, HRS Sales Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said:
“We are already implementing our first installations in Georgia and Ukraine, with Russia and the entire CIS region planned for next year. We are very excited to bring this new product to our customers and allow them to show their guests a new level of service.”


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