The latest version of TNG GO! has been released

December 08, 2022

HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems has released the latest version of its mobile restaurant ordering app TNG GO!, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. As well as new payment methods via global partner FreedomPay, checks can be closed directly to the guest’s hotel room as soon as they have been posted into OPERA V5, tips entered directly, and invoices printed at the touch of a button. To improve staff efficiency, save time and promote a better guest experience, there is a feature that highlights “New items.” This indicates specials or seasonal dishes with menu-level support, making it easier to run promotions like happy hour.

“We are delighted to be able to roll out this new release to our customers. The process optimization and resultant time savings take our app to a different level. Although our roadmap constantly evolves, we stay in close contact with our customers and listen to their feedback; consequently, our new releases are always based on market needs and hands-on requirements.”

Daniel Krisch, Managing Director of TNG International


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