Restaurant access with the Meal Control module

If you are looking for solutions and systems for your own hotel restaurant that could help you to manage the buffet and breakfast, our exclusive Meal Control module is the answer.

The Meal Control module was created by HRS to help the hospitality industry to manage the access process. Access control has the capability to manage a guest’s restaurant access for either their whole stay, or with limited credits.

  • It is the perfect solution for hotels with restaurants and other food & beverage areas.

  • Available as a module for restaurant and property management systems.

  • Control visitors by day and hour in real-time.

  • No more disputes over breakfast packages and bookings.

  • No more chaotic and unmanageable buffet queues.

  • Improve the guest experience and receive better service ratings.

Key benefits

Easy restaurant access control

The problem of breakfast control within many existing property management systems has been solved. By room number or key card, the hostess can easily determine whether breakfast is included in the customer’s package.

Contactless restaurant access control

Restaurant access control may be performed without entering the room number and avoiding human contact. The guests attach their key cards to the reader, which will sign the access level by the color. At the same time, the hostess can see on the monitor the number of meals left and how many have been used.

For all food & beverage areas

The Meal Control module is not limited to restaurant access control, it can also be used for other F&B operations, such as bars. The system sends a request to the property management system in real-time and the access control works immediately.


Different types of meal packages can be pre-defined. You can separate bookings for adults and children and even by breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Business statistics

You can see the numbers of each restaurant and bar. This will not only tell you how many people have booked the service, but also how many of them entered the food area and used the package.

Integration with existing systems

Meal Control easily connects to Oracle Hospitality OPERA, Suite8 and Simphony. All activities can be managed by using just one room card. This makes it a very versatile system that can operate in conjunction with your installed property management system.


For those guests, who did not book a meal plan in advance, the module automatically creates and synchronizes receipts in the Simphony POS system to simplify invoicing.

World-class solutions and services

The module is exclusively available from HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems in over 75 countries. We have been offering systems, services and 24/7 support to the hospitality industry for over 30 years. For more information or consultation, please, contact our local team.

A module for restaurant access control

The Meal Control management module will control your guests’ access. Designed originally to simply manage breakfast access, the Meal Control module has expanded to become a restaurant access control system that is used by our partners worldwide.

Together with a PMS or POS system, it does not require additional RFID cards. The system enables the guests to enter F&B areas at specified times, helping to avoid queues and congestion at the buffet.


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