All business tasks in one single system

Oracle Hospitality Suite8 merges all the processes required to run a hotel into one single software package. Whether it is reservations, housekeeping, restaurant, bar, sales, or marketing, this software suite does it all, allowing you to concentrate just on your guests.

Key Benefits Suite8

Online presence

Suite8 interfaces with all the major distribution services, allowing you to easily sell your rooms via OTA’s, your hotel website, global distribution systems (GDS) and metasearch. HRS recommends Simple Booking for web reservations and SmartHOTEL for channel management. With these products in place HRS can take care of all your PMS and distribution requirements.

Oracle Database

All your business tasks, such as booking and customer relationship management, warehouse, and financial control are amalgamated into one single system running under DBMS Oracle.

Fully customizable

You define your data – screens, reports, and functionality – in a way that best fits your needs. This system is also compatible with your Microsoft® Office Outlook® and Excel applications.

Focus on the guest

Oracle Hospitality Suite8 PMS puts the focus on the guest, giving your team the information they need to deliver a personalized service.  You can also attach correspondence, or any other activity, to a guest’s profile, all accessible online.

Mobile Keys

If a key card system is already in place, Oracle Hospitality Suite 8 supports the sending of mobile keys to your guests.

Hotel Connector

The Hotel Connector module allows you to link together several hotels. This enables the exchange and synchronization of guest profiles and reservations between the connected hotels, as well as availability checks.

Mailings via embedded CRM

With Oracle Hospitality Suite 8, you can do pre-arrival and post-departure mailings. Thanks to the upselling functionality and the embedded CRM you have a powerful tool for guest management at your fingertips.


Every single department in the hotel has access to, and works with, the same guest profiles; this makes profile handling an automatic part of everyday business.

Fully GDPR & PCI-DSS compliant

Embedded functionality of guest anonymization together with credit card tokenization provides an additional layer of security.

Dynamic rates

Increase your revenue with the advanced Rate Management functionality of Oracle Hospitality Suite 8. By using dynamic rates, you can easily adjust your BAR for any time period. You can even allow the system to adjust prices automatically, based on parameters that you have set, dependent on your level of occupancy. The options available means that almost all scenarios are catered for, regardless of their complexity.


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