HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems accelerates operations in Europe

September 30, 2021

HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems are responding positively to developments in EMEA and are expanding their operations in both France and Italy.

The company reports that they are experiencing an increased demand for consulting and support services in EMEA, especially within Europe.  Because of continued economic uncertainty, many people are choosing to only travel within the European Union, or just within their own country.  Other sources have confirmed this trend.

This change in customer demand poses new challenges for the Hospitality Industry.  Businesses are offsetting potential losses as quickly as possible by maximizing their profit margin, and greater flexibility in the use of personnel.

Because of the greater interest and need for consulting services, HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems are expanding their presence into this region.  New team members are already in place in France and Italy and more will follow.

Inna Novosela, Business Development Director Southern Europe, commented: "We can offer our customers not only innovative hospitality solutions but also professional expertise. This region is very important to HRS and will remain so, therefore we are pleased to welcome our new team members."


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