A Management Solution for the Wellness & Spa industry


This integrated management system optimizes all your sales activities, increases revenue, whilst simultaneously improving customer loyalty for a better hospitality business. TNG provides you with all the features that you need to run your spa, fitness center or gym.

Key Segments

TNG is a software package that has been specifically designed to manage all processes involved in the running of a successful wellness or health business. It has been developed by HRS Hospitality and Retail Systems and is widely used in hotels, fitness centers and entertainment complexes.

Spa & Wellness

This resource management solution will optimize occupancy, calculate commission, manage subscriptions, and take care of the memberships. The system can handle flexible and customizable business processes, making it the perfect tool for spa and wellness operations of all sizes.

Gym & Fitness

Whether it is an individual session with a personal trainer, a crossfit class for groups, or high-end training with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), TNG will provide the requisite access control between different types of membership.  All and any type of management function required in a fitness club can be handled by our system.

Recreational Hotels

Because of its architecture, TNG by HRS is a good choice for hybrid businesses like hotels that have recreational programs. Booking rooms and scheduling appointments can all be processed within a single system.


All the important features that a resort business requires, such as: open-door activities, excursion bookings, equipment rental, tickets sales, and access control management are features that have already been built in.

Entertainment Segment

A water park or a theme park needs a visitor management solution that can deliver a high level of customer driven flexibility. Sport and music events, that demand high levels of registration and ticket sales are also supported.

And much more…

TNG offers the user a customizable online appointment panel. The advanced booking engine controls resource availability, personnel and the status of each reservation. Our product is suitable for almost every business that requires a booking and reservation system.

A modern suite by HRS

TNG by HRS is more than just a software solution, it is an extended application with hybrid architecture. Guests can use RFID bracelets or cards for contactless access control, payments, and self-service kiosks. These product features will not only save you time and money but also provide your guests a better experience. The image of your business will be improved because your guests will recognize that it is a modern business backed up with high-end technology.

With HRS, you will have an experienced partner on your side. We have been offering services to the Hospitality Industry for over 30 years. Our 24/7 support is always there if you need help or to ask a question. This frees you to concentrate on your core tasks and create a better experience for every guest.

Your business – Your choice

Our versatile product gives you the freedom of choice. If your local area is suffering from a slow internet connection, you can use TNG on your own premise. If you do not wish to buy extra hardware, you can use it on every desktop computer, tablet or mobile device. If you require extended integrations with other systems, our product can do this seamlessly with all Oracle Hospitality Products, including Opera and Suite8 PMS, Simphony, RES 3700 and Micros 9700.

With TNG you have unlimited options and possibilities. You can simultaneously run as many campaigns as you wish, create your desired number of customer segments, and send out as many short messages and emails as you wish. There are no restrictions in the running of your hospitality business, you are free to choose.

Cloud vs. On-Premise

The TNG Cloud uses an Oracle cloud server with an Oracle database and is therefore a reliable and sufficiently tested solution. It is 100% compatible with all existing features. The only difference is reporting: Jasper reports are used instead of the Oracle BI Publisher.

However, as modern cloud software, it combines all the advantages of SaaS products: advanced backup options, seamless remote support and an easier update process. Even better, one-time investments are reduced to a minimum because less hardware is required on premise. Just contact our local team for more details or request a demo.


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