Oracle Retail Customer Engagement

Increase Customer Loyalty

Recent studies indicate that customers who buy into a brand are 23% more valuable to the retailer than the average customer. Oracle Retail Customer Engagement is an omnichannel loyalty management solution that allows your customers to interact with you across all touchpoints.

Key Benefits

Designed for Retail

Customer Engagement is a great operational loyalty management tool that has been designed specifically for retail operations. It is easy to deploy and available in both on-premise and SaaS format. The loyalty points processing engine and native integration that comes with Oracle Xstore ensures that retailers achieve timely ROIs.


The single customer view is a fundamental element in building a brand’s reputation and the customer’s experience. Oracle Retail Customer Engagement gathers information from all sources (POS, kiosk, online store, mobile app’s, social networks, etc.) and ensures a clear, consistent, and targeted interaction between retailers and their customers.


Oracle Retail Customer Engagement can handle high volumes of transactional and customer data, together with the information necessary for a brand to build its global presence.


Customer Engagement is a great supporting tool for store associates, helping them to influence customer behavior, such as shopping frequency, raising the average transaction value, plus other KPIs when they interact with the brand on the sales floor.

Main modules

Customer Engagement is a modular solution which enables the retailer to tailor the functionality to meet their specific needs.

Customer Management and Segmentation

This module stores and processes customer data from all customer touch points within the enterprise. It enables flexible dynamic segmentation based on standard and tailored attributes. This is a vital starting point for the design and execution of targeted marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Campaign and Deal Management

The Campaign and Deal Management module allows retailers to build-up complex product-based promotions and applies them to assortment groups or categories. This can be for either a single product, a specific time period, type of store, region; the possible options are vast. Campaign configuration is available at the business user level, this allows retailers to react rapidly to market challenges.

Loyalty and Awards Management

Loyalty and Awards Management is a powerful and flexible tool to help build customer loyalty, raise the retention rate and increase the average purchase volume. This module has its own loyalty points processing engine, allowing retailers to capture customer activity and distribute their loyalty points across all sales channels.

Gift Cards Management

Using configurable rules, the Gift Cards Management module allows the retailer to issue, top-up, and redeem gift cards.


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