TSE POS System with EFSTA

We provide complete TSE POS system solutions that meet German Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV) 2020 requirements.


  • Certified out-of-the-box solutions from a single vendor to fulfill all BSI requirements
  • Offline with classic media storage or online as a digital TSE cloud solution for better independence
  • Full integration with an existing POS system such as Oracle Simphony and Xstore POS

  • Full scalability for small stores or international chains with high technical requirements
  • Consulting, installation, training, and maintenance with 24/7 support from experts with over 30 years of experience

Why a TSE POS System?

The requirements for a cash register system have grown. The new Cash Register Security Ordinance, which has already regulated the obligations to issue receipts and report cash, requires a technical security device (TSE). Retailers and restaurants must comply with the new requirements to rule out tax fraud and illegal income.

Full implementation of these rules was deployed on 31.03.2020, postponed from 01.01.2020.

What is TSE?

The technical security equipment (TSE) consists of the storage medium, the security module, and the uniform digital interface (EDS). The latter plays a central role between the auditor and the user to retrieve data without any problems. The digital interface of the tax authorities for cash register systems (DSFinV-K) is the standard for this purpose. Traditional storage media is not the only way to store the data; cloud solutions are also an option.

Further Legal Requirements

The security module ensures that all entries are securely recorded and logged from the beginning. Therefore, it consists of the Secure Module Application and the Crypto Service Provider. This combination tracks all data entries and changes while the certification prevents external manipulation.

The uniform digital interface (EDS) ensures that all digital data of the technical security device can be easily exported and read. According to the Principles for the Proper Keeping and Retention of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Form and Data Access (GoBD), all digital records must be stored for ten years.

TSE POS System with EFSTA

EFSTA is an international specialist in fiscal solutions and electronic record systems. With our partner, we can offer certified cash register systems. Thanks to the combination of the Electronic Fiscal Register (EFR) and the EFSTA Cloud, even international regulations can be met, making the solutions transnational.

EFSTA fulfills all requirements according to the new Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV) 2020 of the BSI.

In addition, there are even more advantages:

  • Manufacturer-independent technical security equipment (TSE) with backup
  • Certified GoBD export with automated certificate deposit
  • Local, single cluster in local LAN or server-based TSE
  • Offline mode for uninterrupted operation in case of TSE failure

Advantages of Cloud TSE

As with other cloud solutions, there is no need to purchase hardware, which is more expensive, minimizing acquisition and fixed costs. It also means that your TSE POS system requires less effort on site.

Another advantage is scalability; storage space can be expanded quickly and easily. Scalability also applies to the number of terminals because a cloud TSE is compatible with mobile devices.

Updates can now be applied outside your opening times without service personnel on-site, or the need for certification renewals. In addition, security updates are created from data to make sure nothing is lost.


This web page is not legal advice. Details on requirements, implementation, and deadlines may vary by state. All information is provided without warranty. Subject to technical and content changes as well as errors, misprints, and typographical errors. For further information and legal requirements, visit the Federal Ministry of Finance website.


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