HRS develops Payment Integration with NEC's UNIVERGE Smart Check-In Solution

July 28, 2022

A member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), HRS recently announced its developed integration of HRS Payment Gateway Solution (HPG) with UNIVERGE Smart Check-In Solution.

 HRS Payment Gateway is an in-house developed solution tailored for specific hospitality needs. It allows seamless integration between local payment solution providers (EDC machines) with Oracle Hospitality products such as OPERA and Simphony. UNIVERGE Smart Check-In Solution provides hoteliers with an automated, self-service platform that enhances the customer experience with its personal and professional touch. It improves operational efficiency and optimizes the hotel staff service by streamlining the payment process for hoteliers during the reception process.

 In addition, when UNIVERGE Smart Check-In receives a guest payment it posts either the credit card information or the token to the reservation in Oracle Hospitality OPERA; as the middleware of OPERA and UNIVERGE, HPG ensures that the final settlement is seamless and secure with support tokenization and payment authorizations.


The integration offers the following functionality:

  • Paperless and secure payment data exchange between UNIVERGE and Oracle Hospitality OPERA (PCI compliance)
  • Financial transaction posting from UNIVERGE Smart Check-In to Oracle Hospitality OPERA through HPG
  • Guest reservation details exchange between UNIVERGE Smart Check-In and Oracle Hospitality OPERA


Benefits for your business:

  • Simplifies middleware between OPERA PMS and EDC terminal
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating manual data entry or slow paper-based processes
  • An improved front office and back-of-house efficiency during the process
  • Enhance sales by the ability to promote additional services with UNIVERGE Smart Check-In
  • Choice of interface image and language for each guest


Benefits for your guest:

  • Minimizes settlement errors
  • No exchange of personal data or credit card
  • Reduction in physical contact by using UNIVERGE Smart Check-In
  • Reduced waiting time during check-out, including invoice review and key drop, with a choice of email, text, or printed receipt
  • Available for early check-in before the allowed time
  • Purchase additional services during self-check-in


"Integration with UNIVERGE provides our customers a modern innovative option to streamline the payment process and secure all cardholder data under PCI compliance,” said Wilkins Yeung, Area Sales Director of North Asia, HRS. “UNIVERGE’s integrated offering will help reduce the hotel operating costs while sustaining exceptional customer engagement."


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About NEC UNIVERGE Smart Check-in

UNIVERGE Smart Check-In is a hospitality solution product name by NEC.

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