Hotel-specific software for long-term financial success

Fairmas offers innovative solutions for Financial Planning and Controlling as well as Management Reporting, created for the Hospitality Industry.


Designed to optimize processes and maximize profitability, Fairmas BI software solutions are with integrated financial planning that integrate easily into the hotel's existing IT software environment and interface efficiently with all major property management systems (PMS), accounting systems, and document management systems, among others.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive dashboards for clear overview of hotel performance
  • Automated data integration with more than 70 industry partners
  • Multiple in-depth analysis: forecast & budgeting, Actual, On-the-Books, KPIs, Competitor analysis and more
  • Integrated planning for all revenues and costs of all hotel departments

  • Long-range planning available to create a vision for the future
  • Flexible planning scenarios (Budget, Forecast, What-if)
  • Standardized planning & reporting according to company specifications (e.g. USALI)
Product description FairPlanner online

FairPlanner is platform for integrated planning of the efficient planning and transparent reporting of revenue and costs to maximize hotel profitability. FairPlanner incorporates all operational hotel departments according to a customer-specific chart of accounts framework (e.g. USALI), building a bridge from the profit and loss statement (P&L) to budget and forecast planning.

FairPlanner is easily integrated into existing systems, and its features include automated, multi-planning functions via drivers, comparison function of various planning scenarios (e.g. with previous year’s figures), intuitive dashboards and more. Flexible management reporting automatically combines the information from third party systems including property management systems (PMS), accounting systems and document management systems, among others. As a result, users gain a transparent and comprehensive view of their hotel’s performance.

See here the optional Add-on Modules to FairPlanner

Advanced Revenue Planner

Advanced Revenue Planner is the tool for the simplified planning and controlling of all revenues, either by market segment or account line item, and on a daily or monthly basis. It is agile and proactive, and data quality is guaranteed through the PMS and RMS integration. *It can also be used as a standalone solution.


FairChain provides hotel groups and multi-hotel owners with centralized control through data standardization and consolidation at the touch of a button. Top management gains full flexibility in their portfolio management along with a prompt and accurate overview of their hotels’ development.


FairPayroll assists in the proficient planning of payroll expenses in order to measure employee productivity and optimize cost & savings potentials. FairPayroll is a system-based module, installed on premise and tailor-made to the hotel’s IT infrastructure which the user can budget and forecast the processes effectively.


PickupTracking is the easy-to-use solution for monitoring reservations On-the-Books (OTB) and daily pickup per market segment, for the next 365 days in advance that support proactive and agile management.

Just one click shows all important hotel key performance indicators (KPIs) automatically including occupancy, ADR, RevPar together with accompanying graphs. A monthly overview also shows deviations from the budget and forecast.

Numerous reports for clear visualization include Pace Analyses and Year-on-Year comparison, among others. Users can easily access all decision-relevant information within variable periods and with flexibility in the depth of information.

* It can also be used as a standalone solution.


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