Integrated Solutions for Retail Businesses

A sustainable competitive advantage can be gained through the deep understanding of consumer demands, supply chain planning, and execution workflows.

Integrated solutions for Retail businesses

Retailers today are faced with a new type of customer who brings with them a different set of IT challenges.  Products are researched, compared, and bought online by knowledgeable consumers who expect retailers to provide them with a fast, consistent, and seamless 24/7 service across all channels, and if your organization can’t deliver, another retailer is just a mouse click away.

Retail solution benefits

  • Personalised cross-channel-experience
  • Transparency, visibility, control
  • Boost revenue and maximise margins
  • Cost reduction
  • Encourage brand loyalty

A strong partner for the best solutions the industry has to offer

Oracle Retail is a leading and international software developer that specializes in versatile store, ecommerce and enterprise solutions that meet the needs of the retail industry. Customers are introduced to new shopping experiences whilst at the same time the retailer improves their resilience and efficiency. Oracle’s success is based on the high quality of its software, long-term experience and knowledge of the market.  Critical success factors, such as product availability, customer service, omnichannel, and international capability are all part of Oracle’s stable and reliable technology.

Oracle Retail Xstore POS

Oracle Retail Xstore is a premium point-of-service and store management solution. Robust, flexible, and scalable, Xstore has a centralized database that provides outstanding customer service and cross-channel sales through either a standard register or mobile device.

Oracle Retail Xstore POS

Oracle Retail Order Broker

Oracle Retail Order Broker enables retailers to secure more transactions across all channels, which might otherwise have been lost due to product unavailability.

Oracle Retail Order Broker

Oracle Retail Customer Engagement

Oracle Retail Customer Engagement is a retail-specific omnichannel loyalty management solution that combines marketing planning, and management.  It also gives your marketing team the tools they need to effectively control their marketing initiatives.

Oracle Retail Customer Engagement


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